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HVAC Maintenance in Northeastern Pennsylvania

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You’ve probably been in this situation before: it’s the middle of winter and your heating system has stopped working, or it’s a hot summer day and your air conditioning system has given out. The Comfort Doctors at T.E. Spall & Son know what an inconvenience this can be, which is why we offer preventative HVAC maintenance plans. Our HVAC maintenance plans are designed to keep your heating and cooling systems working correctly and prevent untimely breakdowns.

Don’t become the victim of an unfortunate HVAC failure. Call T.E Spall & Son today at (570) 230-8821 or fill out our online form for HVAC maintenance in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area!

HVAC Maintenance in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Area

Regular HVAC maintenance is similar to a regular doctor’s office visit. We schedule these visits to ensure that we are healthy and on the right track, and to catch problems early on so that they don’t become a serious issue. Since your HVAC keeps your family, pets, and home comfortable year-round, make sure to give it the attention that it needs! Yearly check-ins and tune-ups from T.E. Spall & Son will ensure that your family’s HVAC system will stick around for many years to come.

Scranton relies on T.E. Spall & Son for all of their HVAC maintenance needs. Call us today at (570) 230-8821 and take a look at our maintenance plan online.

Why Do I Need an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

There are several good reasons to schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Taking preventative measures to keep your HVAC from breaking down on the coldest day of the winter season offers many advantages, including:

  • Energy Savings – did you know that a well-maintained heating and cooling system will perform more efficiently than one that is not? Our HVAC maintenance plan will help keep your energy bills low.
  • Discounted Repairs – if your HVAC system needs any repairs, members of our HVAC maintenance plan will receive them at a discounted price.
  • Warranty Protection – did you know that if you do not have regular maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems, it can void your warranty? Our maintenance program will help prevent this and keep your system warranty intact.
  • Peace of Mind – routine maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling system is in good working order.

Don’t continue to pay for costly heating and cooling repairs that could’ve been prevented with the proper routine HVAC maintenance. Our maintenance agreement plans will prepare your unit for the season ahead and point out any problems we see before they become a major breakdown.

To learn more about what is covered in our HVAC maintenance plan, visit our maintenance agreement page or call us today at (570) 230-8821.

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T.E. Spall & Son has more than 25 years of experience providing HVAC maintenance services in Scranton, PA, and the surrounding communities. Since we were founded in 1985, we have provided thousands of northeastern Pennsylvania families with professional HVAC services that they could trust.

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