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Residential Plumbing Service in South Abington Twp

Have you got plumbing problems? Better CALL SPALL. T.E. Spall & Son offers comprehensive plumbing service and repair throughout the South Abington Twp area.

Providing over 30 years of experience in all types of plumbing services has earned T.E. Spall & Sons a reputation as the area’s most reliable and trustworthy local source for your plumbing needs. Our installation and repair technicians are trained and certified to cover all the most common plumbing problems and even a few unusual ones that can pop up once in a while.

Plumbing Repair and Services in South Abington, Twp

The plumbing experts at T.E. Spall & Son are committed to resolving your plumbing issues as quickly as possible. We understand that having a bathroom, a dishwasher, or a washing machine out of commission for even a day can be a major inconvenience to you and your family. That’s why our technicians show up ready to work with a fully stocked service truck. We can repair many issues with our same-day service.

Some of the more common plumbing problems we encounter include the following:

Water Heater Services

Let T.E. Spall & Sons take care of your water heater installation and repair. A broken or poorly functioning water heater can take a whole house hostage. Morning showers, dishes, laundry, and more all rely on a dependable flow of hot water.

If your hot water tank is leaking, showing signs of rust or corrosion, or just doesn’t do the job anymore, we can help. We’ll make sure the water heater is repaired and back to work during a same-day appointment. If the unit needs to be replaced, we can do that too. CALL SPALL for more information on the water heater services we offer.

Whole-Home Plumbing Inspections

Undetected leaks can cause severe damage to the structure of your home if water seeps into the walls or subfloor. Excess liquid is also a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Our plumbers can perform a whole-home inspection to catch leaks and other problems before they become serious. Other devices checked during a whole-home inspection include the following:

  • Water heater
  • Pipes
  • Garbage disposal
  • Faucets/fixtures
  • Toilets
  • Supply lines
  • Valves

After inspection, we can recommend repairs needed now and in the future.

Toilet Services

The parts of a toilet can break down with time, causing clogs, constant running, or incomplete fill-up after flushing. Our team fixes broken chains, loose flappers, and handles to keep your toilet functioning. If it’s more than 20 years old, we can recommend replacement with a new, more water-efficient toilet system.

General Services

No matter what plumbing problem you’re experiencing, CALL SPALL for efficient and friendly plumbing installation service. Other jobs we handle include:

  • Leak repair
  • Hose bibb replacement
  • Hose bibb repair
  • Clogged indoor drains
  • Pipe insulation
  • Pipe repair (frozen, leaky, or burst pipes)
  • Ice maker line repair
  • Ice maker line replacement

The T.E. Spall & Son team is ready to help with any plumbing issues you’re having. CALL SPALL today to schedule an appointment time. For your convenience, we also offer an emergency service. We are available day or night, seven days a week. 

Why Choose T.E. Spall & Son as Your Plumber in South Abington Twp?

Our team of professional, licensed, and insured plumbers has been servicing communities throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1985, when we first opened our doors. Since that time, we’ve helped keep countless area homes and businesses open, clean, and functioning with a working plumbing system.

In every job, big or small, our priority is your satisfaction. As professionals in our field, we take great pride in our work. And, of course, we enjoy the bonus of receiving positive customer reviews. Nothing makes the team happier than to hear a customer has taken the time to call T.E. Spall & Son owners Tom and Jean to talk about a great experience they had with one of our technicians.

When you CALL SPALL, you’re choosing to work with a team that offers the following benefits and credentials:

  • Fully licensed and insured plumbers
  • Flexible payment options, including 100% financing
  • Technical expertise in all types of plumbing service
  • Code-compliant practices
  • A commitment to staff and customer safety
  • Over 30 years of experience

To learn more reasons why you should CALL SPALL, we invite you to read our customer testimonials. Find out what your friends and neighbors are saying about T.E. Spall & Sons.  

Contact us today for more information about our complete list of plumbing and HVAC services. Your search for “a reliable plumber near me” is over when you CALL SPALL to take care of your plumbing problems in South Abington Twp.

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