10 Air Conditioning Tips: Keep That AC Unit Running and Save Money in the Process

You’ve made the investment in a home air conditioner. Now it’s time to protect that investment. At T.E. Spall and Son, we understand that adding an AC to your home is no small purchase. That’s why we compiled a list of 10 ways you can keep your unit running strong as an energy-efficient air conditioner for as long as possible.

10 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Increase Your AC Unit Lifespan and Create an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Our Carbondale, PA experts listed everything you need to know about maintaining your air conditioner and its lifespan below. From regular filter changes to adding ceiling fans, there are multiple solutions to help your air conditioning system succeed.

1- Replace AC Air Filters At Least Every 90 Days

Your AC air filters are your air conditioner’s first line of defense against airborne irritants like dirt, dust, debris, and pollen, quickly filling your filter. Handling this small AC maintenance every couple of months keeps your system circulating healthy air and running more efficiently.

2- Undergo Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

In general, air conditioning maintenance should happen seasonally. When you undergo AC maintenance in the spring, it prepares you for the hotter months. Reversely, AC maintenance in the spring checks on your system after it performed its hardest.

3- Seek Annual AC Tune-Up Services

Undergoing an annual AC tune-up allows professional HVAC technicians to assess how your system performed over the last year. Seeking an annual tune-up each year helps technicians track improvement areas and work to lower your monthly costs.

4- Receive AC Thermostat Repair For Overworked Units

AC thermostat repair is essential for your home’s temperature control. If your thermostat isn’t delivering your intended temperature, it may be time for repairs or a new model.

5- Install Your Air Conditioner Away From Hot Appliances

When you’re determining where your air conditioner will go in your home, it may seem like putting it in an area that emits the most heat is the best choice. However, extra hot pockets of your home can throw off your AC’s sensors and cause cycle issues.

6- Use Blackout Curtains

Sometimes, your AC fix doesn’t come from repairing internal parts. Blackout curtains keep it cooler inside your home, so your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

7- Install a Ceiling Fan

It is sometimes difficult to distribute cool air throughout large spaces in your home. That’s where a ceiling fan installation comes in handy to transport AC benefits to more tough to reach spaces. 

8- Use Smart Thermostat Products

Smart thermostat products give you the benefit of controlling your home temperature on-the-go. Setting your thermostat from an app on your smartphone allows you to return to a cool, comfortable home without the wait.

9- Monitor Your System Frequently Near the End of Its Lifespan

A typical HVAC system lasts around 10 to 25 years. As your unit approaches the end of its lifespan, it’s important to undergo more frequent maintenance to check for inefficient parts and to determine when you should replace them.

10- Upgrade to a Modern AC Unit

After you’ve exhausted all AC help tips, it may be time to look for a new HVAC unit. Trained HVAC technicians can help you sort through modern options to determine which model will give your home the most customized care.

T.E. Spall and Son is the Reliable Air Conditioning Service Company in Carbondale, PA

Whether you need maintenance on your AC air filters or it’s time for a full AC replacement, T.E. Spall and Son is the air conditioning service company in Carbondale, PA that you can trust. With over 35 years of home cooling experience, we understand what our customers need.

Do you need an AC tune up or Maintenance? Is your thermostat not working properly? T.E. Spall and Son can help you maintain an energy-efficient air conditioner in Carbondale, PA. When you need air conditioning service, contact us online or call our expert team, at (570) 281-0155.

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