Toilet Installation in Scranton, PA

Toilets are one of those things we don’t like to talk about. That is, until something goes wrong, and you need an installation or repair service. There are a lot of tasks you can put off around the house, but your toilets is not one of them. T.E. Spall & Son are the experts in toilet installation in Scranton, PA and the surrounding areas. 

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Toilet Installation in Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania T.E. Spall & Son

How Do I Know I Need a Toilet Installation?

Toilet repairs are necessary to resolve emergency plumbing situations, but at some point, your toilet will need to be replaced. Use the list below to recognize the signs that your toilet requires replacement. If your toilet meets any of these criteria, it’s time to call in the trusted plumbers at T.E. Spall & Son.

1. Constant Repairs

If you constantly call the plumber to have your toilet repaired, it most likely needs replacing. Constant repairs add up quickly, and a new toilet installation will save you money in the long run.

2. Cracks in the Tank 

A small or hairline crack in the tank may seem insignificant, but can cause extensive issues. The water pressure causes the cracks to widen and split, leading to water damage or flooding. Replace the cracked tank with a toilet tank installation or a new toilet immediately.

3. Cracked or Wobbly Bowl

The toilet bowl bears the weight of anyone using it, as well as the water and tank. A cracked or wobbly toilet bowl needs replacing, not only because it can damage your property, but more importantly, it can injure the person using it. We will take care of the toilet bowl installation, including toilet removal and installation.

4. An Old Toilet

Like everything else, toilets age and eventually need to be swapped out for new ones. Toilets can last for decades, but often need to be replaced sooner. 

Toilets that are heavily used and flushed are at a high risk of damage. They are susceptible to leaks and hairline cracks, so good maintenance and upkeep are vital. If your toilet is heavily used and has reached the 10 – 15-year mark, a new toilet is required.

5. Broken Toilet Flange

The toilet flange has a plastic or metal ring that holds the toilet to the floor. There is a wax seal between the toilet and the flange. The airtight seal allows the toilet waste to flow through to the sewer without any breaks or leaks. 

A toilet that is rocky or unstable can break the wax seal and flange. If you have a loose toilet, leaks from the base of the toilet, or foul sewer odors, you need a toilet flange installation. The toilet flange installation with a toilet bowl installation will ensure the airtight seal is intact and working efficiently.  

6. Expensive Flushing

A toilet that is heavily flushed is expensive. A new, water-efficient toilet can save you a lot of money on your water bills. Toilet technology has changed, and the new models of toilets offer water-saving flushing that makes a difference. 

Installing a water-saving toilet will reduce your toilet water usage by up to 60%. Choose from a single flush, a dual flush, or a touchless flush. We will perform your toilet removal and installation of a water-saving toilet that is perfect for your home.

Timing Your Toilet Installation

You don’t need to wait for something to go wrong before you book a toilet plumbing installation. Consider these tips and book a toilet replacement with our team. In a rental property, a toilet needs to be replaced every 15 years. You may need to replace it earlier if it’s heavily used.

A toilet seat installation is required every 5 – 7 years, or sooner if cracked or worn. If your toilet seat is stained and won’t clean up, a toilet seat installation can make your whole bathroom look shiny and clean. Toilet plumbing installation by our licensed plumbers provides numerous benefits. Get a new toilet and transform your bathroom into a space with the style and functionality you deserve.

The Benefits of a New Toilet 

Modern toilets have a range of comfort options to choose from:

  • Seat heights of toilets: standard or chair height
  • Bowl shapes: round, elongated, or compact-elongated
  • Flush-handle locations: the left, right, top, or touchless flushing
  • Self-cleaning toilets, otherwise known as bidets, reduce the need for toilet paper
  • Heated toilet seats to keep you warm during a cold winter in Scranton, PA

Toilets are a necessity, and considering the amount they are used, a toilet installation with any of the modern features will make your bathroom more comfortable.

Turn to T.E. Spall & Son for Your Toilet Installation 

T.E. Spall & Son are licensed and insured local plumbers with over 30 years of experience. We offer emergency toilet repairs 24/7 and expert toilet removal and installation in Scranton, PA. We are committed to safety and providing you with total customer satisfaction. 

For more information on our toilet installation services or to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers, contact us online or give us a call today at (570) 230-8821. We are standing by to take your call and assist you.

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