Water Quality Testing in Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, PA

Ensuring the safety and purity of your drinking water is crucial for the health and well-being of your family or business. At T.E. Spall & Son, we offer comprehensive water quality testing services in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our expert team uses advanced testing methods to accurately analyze your water supply for any potential contaminants, such as bacteria, lead, or chemicals. With our prompt and reliable testing services, you can have peace of mind knowing your water is safe and free from harmful substances. 

Take control of your water quality and protect what matters most! Call (570) 281-0155 or reach out online today to schedule your water quality testing appointment. 

Water Quality Testing in Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, PA |T.E. Spall & SonHard Water Concerns

Hard water remains an issue in Pennsylvania today. The water you drink contains high mineral levels. While these minerals aren’t harmful to your health, they damage appliances in your home that use water. In addition, they put an additional strain on your water heater, which leads to high energy bills. 

If you have hard water in your home, your clothes may feel stiff, and your skin might itch. The water often has a foul smell or taste. You might even find it has a funny color. With home water testing, you can learn about the water quality in your home and how to improve it. 

Our technicians will conduct this water testing. Once they have the results, they recommend ways to improve the quality. If they determine a water filtration system will be of benefit, our team can install it. 

Contaminants in the Water

Do you see orange-brown stains in the plumbing fixtures in your home? These stains are a sign that the iron level in your water is extremely high. Iron is one thing you need to worry about. 

Arsenic levels are often high in the water, so we test for this. Suspect sulfur if you smell rotten eggs when using the water in your home, and request water quality testing if you have children, as lead poisoning is a concern. Lead may leach out of the pipes and lead to health issues, particularly in young children. Our home water testing also measures coliform bacteria, dissolved solids, pH levels, and nitrates. 

You cannot be too careful with the water in your home. Our comprehensive water quality testing ensures you know what is in your drinking water. 

Ways to Improve Your Home Water Quality

Once we complete the testing, we better understand what contaminants are in your water. Our team then recommends water conditioning services to improve the quality. We may suggest a water softener or whole-home water filtration system. We offer services beyond water testing, including reverse osmosis treatments, acid neutralizers, and UV filtration systems. 

Water Softeners

You may find a water softener is what you need to improve water quality in the home. Minerals in the water do more than cause itchy skin. When they accumulate in the plumbing system, they can do significant harm. The water softener reduces the risk of costly repairs in the future. This water softener will also stop limescale from forming on plumbing fixtures. 

Call us if you have an existing water softener and are experiencing these problems. We can repair the device or replace it if needed. Our technicians are available to help with any plumbing fixture in the home. 

Water Filtration System Options

Our water quality testing may indicate you need a water filtration system. The drinking water filtration system will improve the taste and smell of your water. It will also remove contaminants and chemicals to improve the safety of your water. 

You have two options when it comes to this filtration system. You may choose a drinking water filtration system that mounts next to the sink for clean drinking water. The other option is a whole-home water filtration system. This system ensures you have clean water throughout the home. We help you decide which option is best when we receive the test results. 

Consider a Reverse Osmosis System

In Pennsylvania, reverse osmosis systems are a popular investment among homeowners who care deeply about the quality of their drinking water. Typically installed next to the kitchen sink, these systems are designed to filter out high levels of contaminants. At our company, we understand the critical role that clean water plays in maintaining good health. That’s why we offer reliable repair services for reverse osmosis systems. Our goal is to help ensure that you and your family have access to safe, clean drinking water at all times. 

Call T.E. Spall & Son for Water Quality Testing

T.E. Spall & Son provides comprehensive water quality testing services that help maintain the safety and purity of your water. Whether you’re concerned about contaminants, bacteria, or pH levels, our skilled technicians use advanced testing techniques and cutting-edge equipment to deliver results you can rely on. With our years of experience and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs. 

Don’t leave your water quality to chance! Contact us today to schedule your water quality testing appointment in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA, and ensure your peace of mind.

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