Drain Repair & Snaking in Scranton, PA

When your drain pipes develop blockages, leaks, or other problems, we can help you resolve these plumbing issues by providing drain repair & snaking for your home. Calling for professional help as soon as you notice an issue will help you avoid a worsening situation. You can reduce the risk of water damage in your home by calling T.E. Spall right away for drain snaking and plumbing drain repair services.

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Drain Repair & Snaking Services in Scranton, Pennsylvania T.E. Spall & Son

When Do You Need Drain Repair & Snaking Services?

As a general rule of thumb, you should call us for plumbing drain repair anytime you have a clogged drain or a leaking pipe. These types of issues usually require the tools and expertise of an experienced plumber. 

Cracked Drain Pipes

Either from the constant pressures a buried pipe faces or through freezing temperatures, one of your pipes may crack and develop a serious leak. Professional plumbing drain repair can address these problems, so they can be fixed quickly. 

Corroded Drain Pipes

The pipes in your plumbing system will corrode and become more susceptible to damage. A corroded pipe can affect the quality of water in your home and subject your plumbing system to leaks. Sometimes, a plumber can address the issue with drain pipe repair services, but a more serious problem may require replacing your home’s plumbing.

Is a Full Plumbing Replacement Better than Drain Pipe Repair?

In most cases, a plumbing leak will only require drain repair services from your plumber. This work will involve replacing one segment of a pipe or changing out a broken seal, and is usually cost-effective when you need sink drain repair or bathtub drain repair services.

When you have corroded or damaged pipes throughout your plumbing system, you will need more than sink or shower drain repair services. In this type of situation, it’s better to schedule a full replacement of the plumbing pipes in your home. Otherwise, you’ll continue wasting large amounts of water, increase the risk of water damage to your home, and require frequent drain repair or snaking services.

A Clogged Drain Usually Requires Professional Drain Repair & Snaking Services

Clogged drains can be just as troubling as leaks. Until the clog is cleared, you won’t be able to use your home’s sinks, showers, or even some appliances. Calling for drain snaking services will help you get the issue resolved quickly. 

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How to Recognize a Clogged Drain

If you know how to tell when a drain is clogging, you can call for drain repair & snaking as soon as the problem develops. You’ll also be able to get faster and more efficient help by learning about your home’s plumbing. Any information you can share will help your plumber provide better drain snaking services.

Signs that You Need Drain Snaking Services

There are several signs that indicate a clogged drain. Just as you can tell that you need drain repair services by identifying leaks or damaged pipes, you can also tell a blockage has formed in your drain when:

  • Sinks and tubs drain at a slower pace or aren’t draining at all
  • The bathtub pools with water as you shower
  • Gurgling sounds issue from your drains
  • Unpleasant odors emanate from your drains

Sometimes you can identify the location of the blockage. If more than one drain pipe seems blocked, it’s likely that one of the main lines in your plumbing system is blocked. In that case, snaking a drain is the most effective way of clearing the blockage. 

If the clogged pipe can’t be cleared by snaking a drain pipe, your plumber may need to use more powerful tools or disassemble the pipe and clear the blockage by hand. This type of clogged drain repair is rarely necessary, since snaking a drain pipe is usually enough to solve the problem. 

How Can You Protect Your Pipes and Reduce Your Need for Clogged Drain Repair?

While snaking a drain is sometimes necessary, you can reduce your need for this type of service by taking better care of your home’s plumbing. For example, use a drain trap to limit the hair, nail clippings, and other similar waste that would otherwise get rinsed down your drain. This approach will reduce your need for shower drain repair and bathtub drain repair.

You can make similar changes to your kitchen sink. Even though food waste fits through your sink’s drain, it can still form clogs in your pipes. Over time, this waste will accumulate until you need sink drain repair services. Reducing the waste that gets rinsed down into your plumbing will help you keep your pipes clear for longer. By becoming more conscientious of how waste is disposed of in your home, you can reduce your need for clogged drain repair and other plumbing repair services.

If you have a clogged or leaking drain pipe in the Scranton, PA area, CALL SPALL right away. The skilled plumbing technicians at T.E. Spall & Son can provide the drain repair & snaking services you need to conserve water, protect your home, and keep your utility costs low.

For more information on our drain repair and drain snaking services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call today at (570) 281-0155. Our professionals are standing by to take your call and assist you.

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