EASE Comfort® HVAC Program

With the comfort of your home relying heavily on appliances such as your air conditioning system, it can become a headache when you experience issues or sudden breakdowns. Over time, air conditioning systems will wear down to the point where they’re beyond repair and require replacement. This can cost thousands of dollars and leave you in a tricky and unpleasant situation. Do you dish out thousands for a new unit, or suffer in the heat and discomfort of a house with no air conditioning? Thankfully, there’s a new way to get the cooling power that modern HVAC systems provide for you and your home. Revolutionizing the air conditioning service industry, EASE Comfort® gives you the option to pay for HVAC systems such as air conditioners over time, on a plan that fits your budget. Want to learn more about the EASE Comfort® program? Give us a call at (570) 281-0155 to see how this all-inclusive home heating and cooling service can help you save thousands!

What is EASE Comfort?

EASE Comfort® is a new way to get the air conditioning that you depend on during those hot summer months. A simple, cost-effective, and painless process allows you to take back the comfort of your home. Simply apply online and upon credit pre-approval, you can get a new air conditioning system for your home without the hassle of paying thousands of dollars upfront. All with a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

The SMARTER Way To Replace Your Air Conditioning System

You’ll no longer have to make the difficult decision to drain your vacation savings to replace your air conditioning when it suddenly quits on you. EASE Comfort® is the smarter way to replace your air conditioning without draining your savings. Not only will you save the upfront costs that come with new AC units, but you’ll also get an array of benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the EASE Comfort® benefits that you’ll receive with our services include:
  • Free Annual Maintenance
  • Free Filters
  • Priority service
  • Free lifetime repairs
  • Free replacement parts
reasons to use ease comfort

Choose the Right Equipment for Your Needs

Flexible monthly plans allow you to get exactly what works best for you and your budget, allowing you to beat the heat without breaking the bank. We understand that air conditioning and HVAC systems are critical in keeping you comfortable throughout the summer. That’s why T.E. Spall & Son works with a variety of manufacturers, ensuring that we can provide you with quality service no matter your situation.

We Handle Your Home Comfort with EASE

T.E. Spall’s EASE Comfort® introduces you to an easier way to experience comfort by taking the burden out of managing and maintaining your home’s heating and cooling system You’ll say hello to a new high-efficiency system for one low monthly payment – while saying goodbye to repair bills, labor fees, installation charges, filter costs, seasonal maintenance costs, replacement parts, overtime fees, worries, hassles, and headaches.

EASE Comfort® Q & A

Q: Do you require a down payment? A: Only the first month’s payment! Q: What maintenance do I have to pay for? A: None! Your monthly payments cover all service calls & maintenance – with no trip charges, unlike home warranty or maintenance plans. Q: Do I still need a Home Warranty? A: No. Your HVAC system is the most expensive item covered by your Home Warranty plan. EASE Comfort covers more than any warranty plan. Q: Why not finance my HVAC purchase on a 0% APR credit card? A: You absolutely can, however financing and cash purchases typically have a 1-year labor and 10 year parts warranty. When you are an EASE Comfort customer, we cover the cost of repairs, filters, and all maintenance. Q: When will I own my equipment? A: After 4 months, you can own it anytime you want.

Why Choose T.E. Spall & Son?

• Over 1,000 Reviews – See why a thousand satisfied customers trust us with their home comfort. • 37+ Years in Business – We have the experience and knowledge to provide you the best possible service. • All Work is Guaranteed 100% – We’ll ensure you are satisfied with our service every step of the way. • Emergency Service

Online Application

A quick and simple online application process allows you to quickly get pre-approved for your AC and furnace system. Upon credit approval, you’ll be able to select the product and services that best fit your needs without the large upfront costs.

Pre-Qualify Here

Choosing Your Plan

Every EASE Comfort® system comes with new and highly efficient HVAC equipment as well as a smart programmable thermostat for your home. With systems starting as low as $119 per month, it’s easy to get the HVAC system you need to fit your budget. Schedule an estimate today and see for yourself how easy home comfort can be when you choose EASE Comfort® – exclusively with T.E. Spall & Son 

Always Covered. Always Comfortable.

Becoming an EASE Comfort® customer means that you’ll never have to worry about your home HVAC needs again. For just one low monthly payment, we handle everything from filter replacement to major repairs, sparing no expense to make sure your system performs to your specifications. All day, every day. That’s the comfort of complete coverage, for total peace of mind.

Free Annual Maintenance & Repairs

All you have to do is schedule your service at a time that works best for you. It’s that easy, just schedule your seasonal tune-up, and you can even track your technician. As an EASE Comfort customer, your services will be free! Saving you money when it comes to the upkeep and repair costs of having an air conditioning unit and HVAC system.

Ease Into A More Comfortable Home With EASE Comfort®

The next time your HVAC system decides to abandon ship and leaves you in a tight spot, call T.E. Spall & Son and ask about EASE Comfort® and its all-inclusive services. We’ll help get you the quality HVAC system that you and your home need to keep comfortable year-round, without the large upfront costs. Questions or comments about our EASE Comfort® services? Contact us at (570) 281-0155 to speak with a professional who can answer all of your questions.

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