Why Does My AC Drip Water?

Is your air conditioner dripping water? Do you want to know how fix it and prevent it from happening in the future?” You’ve come to the right place. At T.E. Spall & Son, we’ve been replacing and repairing air conditioning systems for nearly 30 years, so it is safe to say we’ve come across this problem a time or two.

There can be a number of causes of water dripping from your air conditioner unit—some serious and some not so much. Some of the most common causes of water dripping from your AC are:

Your Condenser Pump Is Broken

Your condenser pump is responsible for pumping condensation away from your air conditioner to keep the water from building up. You can test whether your condenser pump is broken by pouring a small amount of water in the condenser pan to see if it can pump away the water. If it does not, it is likely that the motor, or even the condenser itself, is broken.

Your Drain Hole is Blocked

Your air conditioning unit has a drain hole that allows excess condensation to drain away. This drain hole will sometimes become blocked, making it impossible for the water to drain away. Check the hole and the tubing to see if it is blocked. If it is, simply clear the debris away.

The Outdoor Temperature is Too Cold

When the outdoor temperature is too cold, it can cause more water to build up around your air conditioning system than normal—causing pooling. In these instances, there is nothing to worry about. The pooling will subside when temperatures increase.

Your Seals Are Not Tight

If your air conditioner’s seals are not tight, excess warm air can infiltrate your system. This will make the moisture from the air condense when it comes into contact with the cold air inside your unit. The condensation will then pool below the unit. To prevent this from occurring, you will simply need to reseal the outside of your unit.

While there can be other causes for water leaking from your air conditioning system, these are several of the most common problems. Many of these fixes can be done yourself for a very low cost. If you try the suggested fixes above and your air conditioning system still has excessive pooling, leaking, or dripping water, consult with an HVAC professional.

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