Why Does My AC Need Freon?

Wondering why your AC needs Freon? Well there are two potential answers to this question that vary greatly depending on the intent of your question.

If you are simply wondering why air conditioners need Freon (which is actually just DuPont’s brand of generic refrigerant), it is because refrigerant is the circulated substance that makes air conditioning possible. Air conditioner refrigerant works by first entering a compressor where it is compressed and heated, changing it to high-pressure hot gas. The hot refrigerant is then released into the first coil. The high pressure causes the gas to move along the expanse of the coil. Over the course of the journey through your cooling system, the refrigerant cools as a fan makes the outside air absorb the heat. The newly cooled refrigerant converts into a cool liquid and air is blown across the cold coils into your home. In layman’s terms, your refrigerant facilitates the heat transfer in your air conditioning system—creating cool air.

If the intent of your question is to figure out why your air conditioner needs to have refrigerant added, there are a number of different answers for this.

Why Is My AC Leaking Freon?

There are several things that can cause refrigerant leaks in your cooling system. The most common causes for refrigerant leaks are corrosion, poorly manufactured components, higher than normal refrigerant pressure, shoddy repair work, rubbing wear due to vibration, and of course, age. There are a number of other things that could cause refrigerant leaks as well, but these are the most likely culprits.

Leaks can sometimes be easily—and inexpensively—fixed. Some repairs are as simple as tightening loose connections, but others involve replacing components on your cooling system. While parts are available and repairs can be performed by anyone, it is in your best interest to have any refrigerant leaks diagnosed and repaired by a heating and cooling professional. A heating and cooling professional will be able to accurately diagnose your problem the first time and ensure that the right components are used in the repair work.

Save yourself unnecessary hassle and expense and call a local HVAC contractor for refrigerant leak repair today.

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