Getting Your Ducts in a Row: 5 Surprising Benefits of Professional Ductwork Installation

When it comes to the systems in our homes that work behind the scenes, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, as there is no real aesthetic appeal. HVAC systems and their ductwork certainly fall under this category of “unseen necessities.” However, there are many surprising benefits to hiring a professional ductwork installation service:

1. Proper Size and Placement

While DIY ductwork might be tempting, only professionals can make sure you have the right duct size and path. Ducts that are the wrong size can push your HVAC unit too hard and leave you with expensive energy bills.

In the same vein, a big part of energy efficiency is the route between your air handler and the vents. Ducts that meander through the home take longer to deliver warm or cool air and can risk leaking energy along the way. However, these direct paths aren’t always the most obvious ones, and it takes a trained eye to identify them.

2. Tightly Sealed HVAC system

Ducts with a less-than-perfect seal leak energy – and waste money. However, when ducts are initially installed in a home, it’s rare that a professional trained in ductwork has done the job. This is why the Environmental Protection Agency predicts that most homes in America lose between 20-30% of their warm and cool air in the ducts before it can even reach the occupants of the house. 

Professional ductwork installation can prevent this wasted cash and ensure your home is running optimally. Additionally, professionals can perform an air pressure test to make sure your ducts are working perfectly.

3. Long-Lasting Ductwork

With a licensed HVAC installation service, your system is far more likely to last and far less likely to experience any issues. Not only does this put off pricey repairs and replacements, properly installed and trustworthy ductwork raises the value of your home. Licensed professionals understand how to comply with state and city codes so you won’t have to invest in an expensive re-do of your ductwork before attempting to sell your home.  

4. Guarantees and Warranties

Choosing to install or repair ductwork yourself (or calling in an unlicensed HVAC installation service) leaves you with no guarantee on one of your home’s most essential functions. Any issues that pop up will result in costly repairs. However, a professional, licensed HVAC installation service will provide warranties that cover your system financially should anything go wrong.

This coverage includes any damages an HVAC installation might cause to other areas of the house.

5. Safely Installed Systems

We live in a DIY world. However, some things simply require extensive training. HVAC system installation involves electric wiring, refrigerant, and furnaces that might be connected to a combustible energy source. Safe installation requires specific equipment that can be difficult to obtain and a deep understanding of how the HVAC system functions. You can have peace of mind when a professional installs your system – we keep your home safe by making sure everything is just right.

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