How to Choose the Best Furnace Installers

Choosing an HVAC company to install a new furnace can be an overwhelming task. With so many factors to consider—price, reputation, project timeline, and estimated heating costs—­how are you supposed to know which HVAC company to hire?

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Furnace Installer

When selecting a heating and cooling company to install your new furnace, there are a few important tips to consider, including:

  • Talk to friends and family – Who better to trust than family and friends? Ask which HVAC contractors they have previously used and who they have liked and disliked. If a heating and cooling company has performed multiple furnace installs for friends and family, chances are they’ll do a good job on your installation too!
  • Read online reviews – With online directories like Houzz, Angie’s List, and Yelp, finding an array of online reviews has never been easier. You can also check Google+ and Facebook to find what your peers are saying about local heating and cooling companies.
  • Ask the right questions – Oftentimes, asking the right questions can lead to saving money in the future. Asking about the SEER ratings (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency) may require you to pay more up front for your desired furnace but can lead to energy savings in the future.
  • Consider the age of the company – How long has each HVAC company been in business? Newer companies will most likely have less experienced technicians, not to mention less experience on the job as a whole.
  • Ask for a written quote –Asking for a written quote from each contractor in consideration will not only help you select who is cheapest but will also prevent HVAC companies from changing prices after an initial consultation is performed.
  • Look for rebates or tax credits – Depending on your geographic location, you may be eligible for a rebate or federal tax credits. Be sure to always ask your local HVAC contractor if you qualify for any rebates or tax credits.
  • Compare overall value – Just because one heating company is cheaper than another does not necessarily mean you should automatically choose them. Consider the price, quality of work, timeframe needed to complete the project, and potential energy savings in the future before making your final selection.

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