Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running?

If your furnace fan running constantly no matter how warm your house is? This is a very common problem that has a multitude of potential causes. Fortunately for you, most of the fixes are relatively minor and some can even be performed yourself!

How To Fix a Furnace Fan That Will Not Turn Off

The videos below give great instruction of how to fix a gas furnace fan that will not stop running:

Although this video is specifically about gas furnaces, many of the same principles apply to both oil and electric furnaces.

If your home relies on a heat pump instead of a furnace, chances are your heat pump is running constantly because the temperatures outside are simply too low and the heat pump is struggling to generate enough heat to keep your house sufficiently warmed.

If you try the suggested fixes discussed in the video above and you are still having problems with your furnace fan not turning off, contact the Scranton, PA heating repair professionals at T.E. Spall & Son for a complete diagnostic check and same day repair.

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