Furnace Troubleshooting

So it finally happened—it is cold outside, your furnace has stopped working, and you don’t know what to do. You may need to call an HVAC company, but that isn’t always necessary. Sometimes the issues plaguing your furnace are minor and can be fixed without the help of a professional. Follow our easy-to-understand furnace troubleshooting steps below and you may be able to get your furnace up and running again in minutes!

Start Simple – Check the Thermostat

This may seem obvious, but first check to make sure the thermostat is indeed on and that the temperature is set above the current temperature of the room. If the fan does not turn on, set the fan to the “on” mode on your thermostat.

Check the Circuits

If the fan will not turn on, ensure that your furnace has power running to it. Do this by checking the breaker, the fuse, or the switch for the furnace. If the breaker is tripped, do not immediately turn it back on, as this could be a fire hazard. First you should check the furnace for loose wiring connections and burned spots on the control board. If these are found, the wiring or circuit board should be replaced before you turn the furnace back on. After these are replaced (or if everything was in proper working order to begin with), reset the breaker.

If the breaker is NOT tripped, check the blower compartment on your furnace. There should be a green light in this compartment. If this light is not on or if it is red, you could have a problem with the thermostat, furnace control board, capacitor, or blower motor. If this is where your problem lies, you will likely need a furnace repair professional to safely and accurately make repairs.

Check the Pilot Light

If none of the above is the problem, check to make sure your furnace’s pilot light is lit (if you have an electric furnace, this step does not apply to you). If your pilot light is not lit, there could be a number of issues with your furnace. There could be a problem with the thermocouple, thermostat, gas valve, control board, pilot assembly, flame sensor, or a number of other parts.

If your pilot light is out and will not re-light, it is in your best interest to call a furnace repair professional. This will save you time and ensure that repair work is done correctly and safely. When dealing with gas and open flames, many safety issues can arise, so we recommend leaving it up to a professional.

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