Will Heat Pumps Work in Pennsylvania?

Thinking  of buying a heat pump system for your home or business in Pennsylvania, but not sure whether they are a smart decision? If so, we can help!

Heat pumps have emerged as one of the most popular as they are an extremely efficient way to heat a structure. Unlike gas or oil furnaces, which must burn a fuel to heat, a heat pump isn’t actually producing heat. Rather, it is moving heat. In this case, moving heat from outside to inside.

There is heat in the air all the way down to absolute zero (-459.67* F), although the amount of heat that can be extracted from the air diminishes considerably as the temperature drops. For a heat pump to be effective, temperatures should be 38* or higher. Below this temperature and you lose many of the efficiency benefits of heat pumps as there simply will not be enough heat in the air to effectively heat your home, resulting in a cool home and a system that never stops running.

Heat Pumps in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, we certainly see our fair share of nights drop below 38*. In fact, we average more than 35 days every year where the temperature never climbs above freezing!

This makes heat pumps a less than ideal solution for your total heating needs. Instead, a hybrid system is a much better choice. A hybrid system combines the energy efficiency of a heat pump with a gas furnace, allowing you to take advantage of the energy saving benefits of a heat pump when the temperature is above 38-40* and the reliable heating of a gas furnace at any temperature.

Heat Pump Installation in Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, PA

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