Help! My Boiler’s Not Working

if you say "help, my boiler's not working" you need to call for boiler repair

“Help! My boiler’s not working!”

If you’ve found yourself saying this, we’ll go ahead and say you need boiler repairs.  Your boiler provides reliable service to heat your home efficiently. Yet sometimes, even the best maintained boiler will have problems. If your boiler is not heating your home properly, here are some potential problems. However, there are a few different problems that may be going on, which you should probably know the difference between.

Boiler Problem 1: Radiators Don’t Heat

If the radiators are getting hot on the bottom, but the heat is not flowing to the top, a buildup in the pipes may be the problem. Air and rust can build up in the pipes of the radiators, preventing them from heating. Bleeding the radiators to remove air may resolve this problem. If not, then you may need to have the T.E. Spall & Son team come for a power flush. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then it may be a problem with the pump.

Boiler Problem 2: Boiler Is Turning Off

If your boiler is shutting off before properly heating your home, it may be due to several problems. Low water pressure, poorly set thermostats, and frozen condensate pipes are all potential problems. A faulty pump or air somewhere in the system can also cause this problem.

So what can you do? First, make sure the thermostat is set properly. Then, if it’s cold outside, check if the condensate pipe is frozen. If that’s not the problem, try to bleed the radiators. If water pressure is low throughout your home, call your water company to find out why. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then give the professionals at T.E. Spall & Son a call.

Boiler Problem 3: Pilot Light Goes Out

The most common reason  the pilot light will go out repeatedly is due to a faulty thermocouple, but damaged seals can also cause this problem. This is a problem that requires the pros at T.E. Spall & Son to address, so give us a call for a service appointment.

Boiler Problem 4: Noisy Boiler

Boilers can be a bit noisy, but if the noise level seems higher than usual, you may have a problem with kettling, which is a buildup of lime scale or air in your system. Bleeding the radiator and power flushing the pipes can help resolve this problem. If it doesn’t, then you’ll want to call T.E. Spall & Son.

A boiler is a great way to heat a home, but it does require a little TLC to keep up and running well. If you have questions or problems with your boiler, contact T.E. Spall & Son for help. Our experienced technicians will help you get your boiler up and running quickly, so you can enjoy a comfortable and warm home.

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