Homes For Our Troops – TRANE HVAC Installation in Scott Township

Here at T.E. Spall & Son we take pride in supporting our nation’s service men and women. Recently, we had the privilege of being involved with a project through Homes For Our Troops that provided a wounded soldier, Earl Granville, in Scott Township, Pennsylvania with a specially adapted home to meet his needs.

Earl Granville, a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, was on his third deployment when he was seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Zormat, Afghanistan in 2008. As a result of his injuries, SSF Granville was transported to a military hospital in Bagram, Germany. There, his left leg was amputated, and then he was transferred to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC for recovery and rehabilitation.

After being released from the hospital and returning home to Scott Township, Pennsylvania, SSG Granville had to make due in housing that was not equipped to meet his special needs. Although he was able to get by and received much support from his landlord, his home simply was not designed for someone with his injuries.

After learning of his story, Homes For Our Troops began efforts to secure volunteers and contractors to build him a new home and equip it to meet the needs of SSF Granville and his family. As a part of the project, a TRANE heating and cooling system was donated and T.E. Spall & Son employees volunteered nights and weekends to help with the installation of the new HVAC system. For us, and all those that volunteered their time, money, supplies, or simply support, we are honored to have helped one of our nation’s service members feel at home once again.

What is Homes For Our Troops?

Homes For Our Troops is a non-profit organization that provides wounded soldiers with specially adapted homes to meet their unique needs at no cost to them. Founded in 2004, Homes For Our Troops has built dozens of homes in states across the nation to make the transition back into civilian life easier for our wounded service members.

To learn more about Sergeant Granville’s story, visit the Homes For Our Troops website or follow the progress of his home construction on Facebook.

We encourage you to support the Homes For Our Troops mission by donating supplies or labor or making a monetary donation!

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