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Few things add comfort and value to your home like a well-maintained HVAC system. Your home’s HVAC system provides your home with year-round comfort, and proper maintenance can ensure that your utility bills stay low.

The skilled team at T.E. Spall & Son can provide you with a variety of HVAC services, ranging from repairs to installation to preventative care. The following is just a sampling of our services.

AC Installation in Honesdale

Honesdale residents can beat the summer heat with the latest model of air conditioning system. If you’re currently relying on noisy window units, consider replacing them with the convenience of central air. Our units are quieter and more energy-efficient than ever before, granting you comfort and convenience no matter what summer throws at you.

AC Replacement

If your AC unit is ten years or older, consider an upgrade. An AC replacement can be surprisingly cost-efficient, sometimes more affordable than the cost of future repairs on an existing unit. Plus, an AC replacement can ensure that your AC unit is running at maximum efficiency, keeping your energy bills lower than ever before.

AC Repair Near Me

Having trouble with your home’s AC? You might notice some of the following problems:

  • Unit not working
  • Weak air flow
  • Warm air coming from vents
  • Loud or whining noises during startup
  • Puddles forming inside or outside
  • Sudden increase in energy bills

If any of these sounds familiar, it’s time to have your AC unit serviced. Our AC repair technicians can get you back up and running, or suggest replacement options that can keep your home affordably cool.

Honesdale AC Tune-Up

When was the last time you received an AC tune-up? An annual tune-up can be a great addition to any homeowner’s preventative maintenance routine. When you contact T.E. Spall & Son for an AC tune-up, one of our technicians checks your AC unit’s mechanical and electrical components to ensure everything is in working order. In some cases, they can find problems before they begin, extending the lifespan of your AC system, and ensuring your home is running at optimum efficiency.

An efficient AC system will save you money on your monthly energy bills, so the cost of our already-affordable tune-up services is quickly offset by the savings you experience. Plus, an energy-efficient system is better for the environment, so you can take care of the planet with an annual AC tune-up.

Ductless AC Installation 

Some homes lack the necessary ductwork for traditional AC installation. Others may want an AC system that can uniquely cool a specific room or location.

Both of these needs can be met with a ductless AC system. With these innovative systems, the indoor unit connects directly to an outdoor unit through an exterior wall, thus bypassing the need for ductwork. This also means that each indoor unit can be set individually, offering maximum control over your home’s indoor temperatures.

Furnace Installation

No home is complete without proper heating during the winter. The team at T.E. Spall & Son is the area’s expert choice for furnace installation. We can help you decide which fuel source is right for you, as well as perform the necessary steps to install your furnace in your home.

Heat Pumps

If you notice your winter electric bills starting to climb, you may be in the market for a heat pump. A heat pump is designed to pull energy from the outside air and redistribute it inside your home. Think of it as an air conditioner in reverse. Because you’re not consuming actual fuel, this provides an energy-efficient way to heat your home or to supplement your existing heating system.

Furnace Repair in Honesdale

Is your furnace not heating your home efficiently? Are you hearing strange noises from the ductwork or furnace? A damaged furnace isn’t just an inconvenience. Because furnaces can burn combustible material such as oil or gas, a damaged furnace can pose a significant hazard. Contact the technicians at T.E. Spall & Son immediately, and enjoy safe, affordable furnace repair.

Furnace Tune-Up

An annual furnace tune-up can be essential to maintaining your home’s heating system. Depending on the manufacturer of your furnace, it may also be a requirement for your warranty. Our technicians can provide a preventative check-up, ensuring the connections and components of your furnace are operating according to specification. We can also perform light cleaning of your furnace and its components to prolong the life of your home’s heating system.

A Reliable HVAC Contractor Near Me

If you’re in the Honesdale area, look no further than T.E. Spall & Son for your HVAC needs. We’ve been operating in the area since 1985, and during those 30+ years, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted source for HVAC installation and maintenance. Call Spall today! We are here to serve you.

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