Is Your Ice Maker Line Frozen or Leaking?

An automatic ice maker is far more convenient than constantly refilling ice trays, but it requires a direct connection between the refrigerator and your home’s plumbing system to provide the water necessary for the ice. This ice maker line is made from small-diameter copper or plastic tubing that is easier to damage than other pipes in your home, and the section inside the refrigerator that supplies the ice maker is prone to freezing. If you have discovered a leaking or frozen ice maker line, it is important to have it repaired right away to avoid damage to your home or problems with the ice maker.

Leaking Ice Maker Line

If you notice water on the floor near the refrigerator or along the ice maker line, there is a good chance that the ice maker line has developed a leak due to kinking or rubbing against a hard object. Check the line thoroughly to determine where the leak is located, carefully pulling the refrigerator out or away from the wall, if necessary. If the leak is near the area where the ice maker line is connected to the refrigerator or the plumbing system, it is possible that the compression nut securing the line has worked loose due to vibration. Try tightening the nut slightly, using one wrench on the compression nut and one on the fitting. If the leak is on the ice maker line itself, the line will need to be repaired or replaced. Shut off the valve that supplies the ice maker line until repairs can be completed.

Frozen Ice Maker Line

If your ice maker has stopped working, one of the possible causes can be a frozen ice maker line. Once the line freezes, it can prevent water from flowing into the ice tray, and it could also cause a leak if the ice expands enough to split the line. To check if your ice maker line is frozen, open the freezer and look for a plastic line leading to the ice tray. If you can access the line, squeeze it gently to confirm it is frozen. It may be possible to thaw the line using a hairdryer or warm water, working slowly and carefully to avoid damage with the refrigerator unplugged. If the line is leaking, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Shut off the ice maker by raising the wire arm, shut off the valve supplying the ice maker line, then call a professional for repairs.

Ice Maker Line Repair or Replacement in Scranton, PA

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