Oil Furnace Life Expectancy

Oil furnaces, an effective and proven way to heat your home even in the coldest of winters, are one of the most reliable and long lived sources of heat on the market today.

Oil furnaces have a long lifespan and generally need little maintenance other than routine changing of the filter. Oil furnaces typically come with a 10-year warranty, but this should not be taken as an indication that the unit will last only 10 years. It is not uncommon for an oil furnace system to last for 15 to 25 years or more with proper care and routine furnace maintenance.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Oil Furnace

The best way to extend the lifespan of your oil furnace is to have regular maintenance performed. This will help potential problems be identified before they can become serious issues that can further damage your system.

If you notice that your system is not working properly or is making unusual noises, do not ignore them! Contact a heating professional immediately to diagnose your problem. It could be the difference between a minor maintenance issue and a major repair job that could cost thousands of dollars—or even a full system replacement!

Oil Furnace Repairs and Replacement in Scranton, PA & Wilkes-Barre, PA

If you have an oil furnace that needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement, contact T.E. Spall & Son for professional oil furnace services. We will perform a thorough diagnostic check of your home’s oil furnace and provide reliable furnace repair or replacement at a price you can afford.

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