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The key to keeping any home or business at a comfortable temperature is a properly working heating and cooling system. Traditional HVAC systems typically include an indoor unit for heating (e.g. a furnace) and an outdoor unit for cooling (central air conditioning unit). However, a rooftop HVAC unit (RTU) is a single heating and cooling system located on the roof of a business or home.

Previously, RTUs were used primarily for commercial buildings. However, residential rooftop heating and cooling systems are becoming more and more popular.

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Rooftop Heating & Cooling Benefits

There are several benefits to a rooftop HVAC system, including:

A Non-Split Component System

When choosing an RTU (AKA “flat roof HVAC unit”), you benefit from a centrally located flat roof unit. Instead of using a furnace for heat and a separate, outdoor cooling unit to cool your building, an RTU is an all-in-one unit containing both heating and cooling equipment.

Lower Repair Costs

When an HVAC technician is called to a traditional HVAC repair or maintenance request, the technician must check both the indoor and outdoor units in order to properly diagnose the issue. Since an RTU is a non-split component system, repair time is decreased thanks to the centrally located unit—lowering the costs of your HVAC repair and maintenance.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Cold air inside a home or office building sinks, while warmer air rises to the higher levels of the building. In a traditional HVAC unit, cold air must be pushed up through a duct system, causing your air conditioner’s fans to work harder and longer. Because an RTU is located on the roof of a building, cold air naturally sinks to lower levels—meaning your air conditioner works more efficiently for lesser periods of time.

Rooftop HVAC Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Here at T.E. Spall & Son, we’re known as “the comfort doctors” for a reason. One of our certified technicians will help you choose the best flat roof heating and cooling system for your Pennsylvania home or business. We replace, install, repair, and perform maintenance on all RTUs in the northeast Pennsylvania area.

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