Should You Install a Tankless Water Heater?

In recent years, tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular. While they are a great option for some homeowners, they may not be right for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a tankless water heater, take a look at our tips below to see if it’s the best choice for you.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Much like traditional water heaters, a tankless heater can be run by gas or electricity. The one that you choose will generally depend upon the way that your home is configured. Unlike a more traditional tank water heater, tankless water heaters do not store water, but instead heat it with a burner as you turn on your faucets.

Tankless water heaters are often referred to as “on-demand” water heaters. However, this term is not completely correct. Tankless water heaters can produce a certain amount of gallons per minute. They may take a few moments to begin producing hot water when they are first turned on, but once the hot water reaches your faucet, you can use it continuously.

Tank vs. Tankless Systems

A traditional tank storage heater fills up with water. That stored water is then heated by a gas burner or electric heating elements. If the water cools before it is used, the tank will need to reheat that water. As a whole, the process is very inefficient. In fact, your traditional water heater likely uses more energy than any other appliance in your home does.

Despite its high energy demands, a traditional water heater does have several benefits. The most appealing is that they are relatively inexpensive when compared to tankless heaters. Some other perks include:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Storage tank that can accommodate high use from multiple users at once
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Affordability

One of the major benefits of a tankless water heater is a lower energy cost. Tankless water heaters only heat water when you turn on your faucet. They do not constantly reheat unused water. Because of this, homeowners that install tankless water heaters tend to have lower utility bills. 

In addition, tankless heaters can last two or three times as long as a traditional water heater. Some other benefits of tankless heaters include:

  • Long-term savings
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Space savings
  • Long service life

Tankless water heaters have a high initial investment cost. They are more expensive to purchase and install. Tankless water heaters may also suffer reduced performance when hot water is used by multiple people at the same time. Despite this higher cost, tankless heaters are generally a great long-term investment for most households.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

The installation process for a tankless water heater is a little more involved because your utilities must be converted to accommodate the new device.

Installing a tankless water heater is not a DIY project. Water heater installation often involves handling high-voltage electrical lines or combustible gas. Either way, it is a job that is best left to a professional.

The Top Technicians for a Tankless Water Heater – Carbondale

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