Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

Have you recently found your water heater leaking here in Scranton, PA? If so, you should take action quickly to resolve the issue. Minor leaks can be the result of one of several causes, but they all have one thing in common. If the issue is not located and repaired, it will most likely become worse over time, so don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber at the first sign of water heater trouble.

Why is My Water Heater Leaking? T.E. Spall & Son

Common Reasons for a Hot Water Heater Leak

The main reason behind a leaking water heater is likely that the tank is too old. They don’t last forever, and anything past 10 years is likely to have some kind of issue. You could be dealing with rust, cracks, or other age-related problems that could indicate it’s time for a new tank.

Of course, your water heater leaking could just mean you need a few simple repairs. If you notice your water heater leaking from drain valves, chances are you just need the drain valve replaced. The same is true if you find the water heater pressure relief valve leaking. These are going to be relatively simple fixes, but they should still be handled by a professional.

Excess pressure can also lead to leaks at certain points, which could be dangerous. When certain components fail, they can lead to built-up pressure. Your pressure relief valve and other safety components will kick in before it reaches dangerous levels, but it could be the cause behind your water heater leaking.

Identifying Leaks from Different Areas

Leaks can come from a few different points of your water heater. Pooling water or water dripping off of pipes could be from other sources altogether. It’s best to reach out to a plumber to make sure before making any decisions.

If you find your water heater leaking from bottom pieces, you could be dealing with loose fittings or a damaged tank. Water heater leaks from top surfaces is generally a simple issue with the inlet connection or other loose fittings. However, you could potentially be dealing with a crack in the tank. Call a professional to diagnose and safely address the problem in all cases.

What to Do When Your Water Heater is Leaking

Leaking can mean a lot of different things. If there is any kind of steady flow or significant pooling water, you should call a plumber immediately and turn off the water supply valve to prevent water damage to your home. If you notice a slow drip or small puddle, you still need to call a plumber, but you aren’t dealing with an emergency.

You might be wondering, can you still use water if your water heater is leaking? Of course, you’ll still be able to use your cold water regardless, but for almost any leaks, you should be able to keep using your hot water, as well.

Professional Water Heater Services

T.E. Spall & Son provides fast and reliable water heater repairs and replacements in Scranton, PA, and the surrounding areas. We can get to you quickly to find out just what’s behind your water heater leak. For quality service from licensed and insured plumbers, call Spall today!

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