What Size AC Unit Do I Need For My Home?

You may be interested in installing an AC unit in your home, but you are unsure where to start. The first question you have is likely about the cost. That is a good place to start when considering what AC unit you’d like. However, to get the best value for money in an AC unit, you really want to get the right air conditioner size. 

If you’re asking yourself, “What size air conditioner do I need?” you’re at the right place. We will help you find the best AC unit your money can buy.

How to Find What Size AC Unit Your Home Needs

There are two ways to work out the AC unit size you need for your home. You can use a calculation to get the tonnage the size of your home requires, or you can contact a qualified AC specialist to assess the different aspects of your house and suggest a suitable air conditioner size.

Calculate the Tonnage to Determine What Size AC Unit Will Suit Your Home

You may be wondering what tonnage is. An AC unit can cool the air. To calculate the tonnage, you would need the square footage of your home. Once you have worked out the square footage, you can use the formula below:

[(Square footage X 25) ÷ 12000] – 1 = tonnage

Once you find the tonnage, you will know what size AC you need. You can now browse around and get an estimated price for an AC unit. 

A Professional Opinion on the Best AC Unit Size

While the first method will give you a general idea of what AC unit you’ll likely need, other aspects can’t be calculated. You will need an expert to visit your home and assess it. The following aspects will influence the AC unit size you choose.

Geographic Region

The area that you live in has its own unique climate. Some areas experience hotter summers than others; these areas may require a larger air conditioner size. 


If your house is well insulated, you may not need a strong AC unit. A well-insulated building won’t let the cool air escape so easily. Your AC won’t need to work harder to keep up with the constant temperature change.

Sunlight and Windows 

Your house may have many windows and get lots of sunshine. This can make your home hotter and require a more powerful AC unit to keep the overall temperature low. 

Need Help With Your AC Unit in the Scranton, PA Area? Call T.E. Spall & Son!

If you are still asking, “What size air conditioner do I need?” Put your mind at ease and contact T. E. Spall & Son to do all of the calculations for you. Our AC specialist will set your home up with the most effective and efficient AC system that you can count on year after year to keep you cool and comfortable. 

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