Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Have you ever had your air conditioner on for a few minutes when you realize that the temperature in the room has risen? You may not have noticed it at first glance, but your AC is not blowing cold air. It could simply need an AC tune-up, or there may be a bigger problem. Either way, you need a professional opinion. AC repair is not a DIY job, and it might be time to call an expert!

Possible Reasons for Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Dirty Filter

The filters in your AC work hard to trap dust and pollen to prevent them from blowing into your house. When the filter clogs up, the airflow stops even those the AC unit is still running. This can damage the evaporator coil and condenser, which will require expert AC repair. Regular AC tune-ups by a professional usually handle the cleaning of your AC filter. 

Thermostat Issue

Sometimes, your thermostat is set to heat instead of cool, which is probably why your AC is not blowing cold air. Ensure that your thermostat is set to cool. If the setting is on cool and the problem persists, there could be a thermostat issue. You should call your AC company to do an air conditioning service. 

Blocked Register or Vent

A return air register brings air into the AC unit, and a supply vent blows cool air into your home. Like an AC filter, a blockage in the register or vent could cause more severe problems if it is not cleaned regularly. Blocked registers can even cause a leak in the ductwork. A clogged vent will usually only blow warm air into that particular room and not the others. It might be useful to check the vent in that room and ensure nothing is blocking it. If you can’t see any noticeable blockage, we recommend contacting an AC repair company as soon as possible. 

Low Refrigerant

Another reason your AC is not blowing cold air could be that you need to refill the refrigerant, which is the chemical used to cool your air. This could also mean that you have a leak; this is not very safe for your home. A qualified specialist will need to inspect the AC unit to determine if there is a leak. Small leaks are hard to notice and need trained eyes. 

Bad AC Compressor

Your AC compressor is responsible for absorbing heat energy from the air and converting it to cool air. If your unit has a bad AC compressor, it won’t release cold air. An air conditioning service should fix this in no time.

Is Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

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