Why Is My Furnace Making a Buzzing Sound?

When you hear your furnace making a buzzing sound, you should recognize it as a sign of a problem with the unit. Any time you notice strange sounds or smells coming from your furnace, you should call a trusted furnace repair company to diagnose the issue, so you can get the repairs you need to restore the efficient operation of your system. The type of furnace repair you will need will depend on what is causing the unsettling furnace noises.


Why is My Furnace Making a Buzzing Sound? T.E. Spall & Son Scranton, Pennsylvania


Reasons Why Your Furnace is Making a Buzzing Sound  

When your furnace cycles or kicks on, it should run relatively quietly. If you notice that it’s making a buzzing sound or a low humming noise, you should call a technician to help you identify the cause of the issue. Here are a few possible reasons the furnace is buzzing in your home:

The Furnace Transformer Box Is Loose

The transformer box processes electricity to convert it to the type of power the furnace requires for efficient operation. On a newer furnace, the box may come loose and reverberate as the furnace starts a new cycle. You will likely just need routine furnace maintenance to have the box secured more tightly. If you have an older furnace, you may need a new transformer box.

The Capacitor Is Faulty

Your furnace uses a capacitor to store energy for later use. When the thermostat triggers the furnace to start a new cycle, it uses the energy stored in the capacitor to power the furnace. If the capacitor is no longer functioning properly, it can end up with your furnace making noise. You will need to have the capacitor replaced.

The Blower Motor or Fan Is Malfunctioning

Once the furnace heats the air, the blower fan pushes air out through your duct system and into your home. A failing blower motor is one of the more common reasons why a furnace buzzes. You may also hear noises coming from your furnace if the fan is loose or damaged. A local heating professional can inspect the blower motor and fan for you.

The Ducts Are Loose

As you try to determine the source of a buzzing noise in your Scranton or Wilkes-Barre area home, you might find that the sounds aren’t coming from your furnace at all. If the noise seems to be coming from multiple areas, you may have loose ductwork. An HVAC professional can inspect your ductwork and tighten loose fittings. 

In some cases, your ducts may need to be replaced. A technician will inspect all of your home’s ducts to ensure they are secure and in good condition. If segments of ducts need to be replaced, the tech will discuss that possibility with you. Routine duct cleaning and maintenance can help you maintain the good condition of your ductwork for years to come.

Need Help with Your Furnace?

Anytime you hear your furnace making a buzzing sound, or if it isn’t operating as efficiently as it should in your Scranton or WIlkes-Barre area home, it’s time to CALL SPALL. The skilled HVAC technicians at T.E. Spall & Son can identify and repair problems with any model or type of furnace. We will help you keep your furnace operating efficiently and safely throughout the colder seasons. 

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