Is Geothermal Energy Right for Pennsylvania Residents?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a type of heating and cooling system that transfers the relatively stable ground temperature in Pennsylvania into a resident’s home to assist with heating or cooling. Traditional heating and cooling systems either use a direct fuel source or electricity generated from the burning of fuel to heat or cool a home, but a geothermal heat pump utilizes the heat energy in the earth to reduce energy consumption.

Unlike other forms of residential renewable energy like wind or solar, geothermal energy systems do not actually produce energy. Rather, they convert a renewable source of energy into significant energy – and cost – savings for you. In a typical American home, heating and cooling can account for up to two-thirds of a home’s entire annual energy bill.  A geothermal energy system can decrease your heating and cooling costs by half or more! The geothermal cost-savings can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

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Will Geothermal Energy Work in Pennsylvania’s Climate?

Geothermal heat pump systems will not work effectively in all areas, but most of Pennsylvania has land that is suitable – even ideal – for geothermal heat pump installation. Throughout most of Pennsylvania, only a few feet under the ground, the ground temperature remains relatively stable in the mid-50s. This temperature range is great for summer cooling and leaves only a small gap for your traditional heating sources to make up in the winter months. For larger homes in Pennsylvania that heat with heating oil, the geothermal cost-savings can be significant – it can even pay off the cost of the system in as little as five years!

What Geothermal Cost-Saving Incentives Exist for Pennsylvania Residents?

Unfortunately, unlike many states, the state of Pennsylvania does not offer any grant or tax credit incentives to increase the cost-savings of installing a geothermal system. Fortunately, the federal government still provides an uncapped 30 percent tax credit on all geothermal system installations. Additionally, many utilities in the state of Pennsylvania bolster geothermal energy’s cost-savings with utility grant programs! Combined with the federal tax credit and energy savings, the cost-savings for a geothermal system can add up to thousands immediately and tens of thousands over the life of the system!

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